Hebei Huaige Hoisting Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
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Electric Hoist
Chain Hoist
Lever Hoist
Motorcycle Lift
8 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$86.00 - US$200.00/ชิ้น
2 ชิ้น(Min. Order)
US$256.00 - US$11,870.00/ชุด
5 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$32.00 - US$96.00/ชุด
20 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$520.00 - US$3,850.00/ชุด
5 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$3,760.00 - US$50,263.00/ชิ้น
1 ชิ้น (Min. Order)
US$26.50 - US$127.00/ชุด
150 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$25.00 - US$300.00/ชิ้น
100 ชิ้น(Min. Order)
US$26.00 - US$239.00/ชุด
20 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$24.00 - US$154.00/ชุด
50 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$26.00 - US$238.00/ชุด
10 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$12.00 - US$89.00/ชุด
1 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$50.00 - US$490.00/ชุด
10 ชุด(Min. Order)
US$6.00 - US$12.00/ชิ้น
50 ชิ้น(Min. Order)
US$12.00 - US$46.00/ชิ้น
20 ชิ้น(Min. Order)
US$12.00 - US$24.00/ชิ้น
100 ชิ้น(Min. Order)


For hoisting, moving, pulling, driving and conveying, our Huaige lifting means, Huaige Electric Hoists, Manual Hoist, Lever Hoists, Chain, Transportation trolleys also other hoisting tools are a guarantee of quality, innovation and safety. Each product we produced was inspected by our experienced technician who had over 30 years research and producing experience, and we also use strict quality control testing system to ensure the products' stability and durability.